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Intro to ARCHITECTURE CLASS w/ PLAYDAY founder/architect Gregory Okshteyn 5 WEEK SERIES: MEETS EVERY THURSDAY 6PM - 7:30PM @ PLAYDAY LIC 1/4 Introduction to Drafting: FLOOR PLANS/SECTIONS/ELEVATIONS 1/11 Site Selection 1/18 Model Making 1/25 Material Specification | Construction Details 2/1 Presentations (Parents Welcome) ARCHITECTURE 101 is an engaging and educational architecture course designed specifically for kids aged 8 to 12. This course aims to introduce children to the fascinating world of architecture, helping them explore the principles, creativity, and problem-solving skills that underpin this field. Through a mix of hands-on activities, creative projects, and interactive lessons, children will embark on a fun journey of discovery and creativity. Course Highlights: Introduction to Architecture: Kids will learn what architecture is and how it impacts our daily lives, from designing homes to iconic landmarks. Architectural History: Explore famous architectural wonders from different time periods and cultures, from ancient pyramids to modern skyscrapers. Design Basics: Children will discover the fundamental principles of design, including form, function, space, and aesthetics. Hands-On Activities: Engage in fun, hands-on projects such as building model structures, designing dream homes, and creating unique urban plans. Creative Problem-Solving: Kids will tackle real-world architectural challenges, sparking their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Virtual Field Trips: Take virtual tours of famous architectural landmarks and learn about the work of renowned architects. Collaborative Projects: Work in teams to design and construct scale models, fostering teamwork and communication. Show and Tell: Children will have the opportunity to present their projects, improving their presentation and communication skills. Future Vision: Encourage young minds to think about the future of architecture, including sustainable and innovative design concepts. By the end of this course children will have a newfound appreciation for architecture, improved problem-solving skills, and a creative outlook on the world around them. This course is a perfect platform for young learner

We do not offer refunds of any kind. If need be, a booking may be RESCHEDULED with 24 hours notice through the MY BOOKINGS tab on your profile. In the event the PLAYDAY OFFERING is cancelled by us, your account will be credited in full.

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